Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Android Market Web app blocking rooted users.

Source: Engadget
So i am in love with my android phone, as I've said before. I believe the android platform is way more versatile than it's competitors (iphone, blackberry, etc) I also believe in extreme customization. So, like alot of android users, i rooted my device and loaded a custom rom (Cyanogen Mod 6) The only downside to doing this (besides potentially bricking your phone) is not getting access to all of the Over the air updates from google.
And recently with the release of the new android market web app, some root users haven't been getting access to it. I have experienced the same problem. It's not recognizing my device which is frustrating. This is only a minor frustration but still frustrating nonetheless. Is anyone else rooted and experiencing the problem?

Source: Engadget


  1. I love my android! :)
    But it's not rooted so I can't help you.
    Please, do write about your favourite android apps and such.
    Following and supporting.

  2. Not rooted, can't help you. That sorta stuff is tech sorcery to me, man.