Monday, January 31, 2011

The Nanocade! Compact and retro looking arcade cabinet

Photo credit: Nanocade

For just $349 dollars and a little elbow grease you could have yourself a sleek and retro looking arcade cabinet! All you have to do is order the kit and you can transform your netbook into this cool looking gadget and impress your friends!
It's a DIY project that does require a little know-how, but all of the steps to assemble the thing are on the product's website. In my opinion 350 dollars is a little too much for just a kit, because you also have to buy the netbook. But for all you extremo nerd pacman fans this should be exactly what your looking for! You can find the full photo gallery on the product's website or the engadget article.

Sources: Nanocade, Engadget

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